My dears, two months have passed since I offered you the delicious screwdriver under the motto summer in a glass had presented. That day I lay on the beach in Italy and enjoyed the great weather. The weather isn’t great at all today, it’s raining cats and dogs and there’s quite a storm, and we also had to go to Bonn because our very good friends’ baby was being christened. We are godparents, or the person with the heart is a godfather, but I belong to him and so I’m also a kind of godmother. The little man is sooooooo cute and we have taken him so much to our hearts. Well, somehow the weather doesn’t suit a baptism at all, but in Italy it’s good luck. In any case, at a wedding, then it will certainly be no different at a baptism. The new topic for ALDI SÜD came in line with the dingy weather and somehow for the challenge. It was called “Bunte Obstkuchen” and I knew immediately that it should be an apple pie with crumble and powdered sugar.

Ok, I admit it, my cake is not necessarily the most colorful, but I still think the motto is true. Because the apple pie simply belongs to autumn, like the golden leaves, the cool evenings, and the foggy mornings. It fits perfectly into such an autumnal motto and basically, the apples were colorful before they were peeled. I think that alone counts and that’s why he has his full right to exist in this challenge. I don’t like fruitcake. Yeah dumb, I know, but weirdly, this cake is the only one I eat. I like the cinnamon taste and especially when it’s still lukewarm, this combo with the apples tastes super delicious. Try my apple pie and let me know how you liked it.



For a 26 cm springform tin:

For the dough:
200 g wheat flour
125 g softened butter
3 eggs, size M
100 g sugar
1 sachet vanilla sugar
1 pinch of salt
2 tsp baking powder
2 tbsp. milk

For the topping:

750 g apples
200 g wheat flour
200 g sugar
150 g soft butter
1 sachet vanilla sugar
about icing sugar to taste
2 tbsp. cinnamon
2 tbsp. coarse sugar


For the topping:
peel the apples, quarter them and lightly carve them several times lengthwise. For the crumbles, put the butter, flour, sugar and vanilla sugar in a measuring cup and knead into coarse crumbs using a hand mixer (dough hook).

For the dough:
Cream the butter in a food processor (wire whisk) until smooth. Gradually add sugar, vanilla sugar and salt until a bound mass is formed. Now stir in the butter on high. Mix flour and baking powder and add with milk on medium speed.

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees (top and bottom heat). Grease the bottom of the springform pan with some butter. Pour the batter into the mold and smooth out. Place the apple quarters on the dough as you like and sprinkle cinnamon and granulated sugar over them. Now spread the sprinkles over it. You may need to pull apart a little more with your fingers, depending on how big the crumbles are. Put the form on the bottom third on a rack in the oven and bake for about 45 minutes.

Leave the apple pie to rest for about 10 minutes and then loosen and remove the edge of the springform pan. Remove the cake from the base and let cool on a wire rack. Sprinkle the apple pie with powdered sugar before serving.

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